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 PS #  Topic  Title  Authors
PS3-001Elementary processes and fundamental dataTemperature Dependence of Effective Lifetime of OzoneH.Itoh, I.M.Rusinov, K.Omiya, S.Suzuki
PS3-002Elementary processes and fundamental dataIon mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry studies of ion processes in air at atmospheric pressureMartin Sabo, Stefan Matejcik
PS3-003Elementary processes and fundamental dataEffect of small admixture of H2O on the electron drift velocity in argon: experimental measurements and calculationsM. Kucera, D. Loffhagen, Z. Donko, N. Pinhao M. Stano, S. Matejcik
PS3-004Elementary processes and fundamental dataSurface Modification of Polypropylene (PP) by Argon Ions and Oxygen AtomsS. Grosse-Kreul, B. Oezkaya, C. Corbella, G. Grundmeier, A. von Keudell
PS3-005Elementary processes and fundamental dataTime of flight behavior of an electron swarmA. Takeda and N. Ikuta
PS3-006Elementary processes and fundamental dataPre-breakdown Phenomenon in Micrometer-scale GapH. Iwabuchi, T. Morimoto, S. Matsuoka, A. Kumada and K. Hidaka
PS3-007Elementary processes and fundamental dataElectron kinetics in mixtures of CH4, CO2 and He, with formation of H2 and CO: the effects of composition and vibrational temperatureA. Janeco, N. Pinhăo and V. Guerra
PS3-008Elementary processes and fundamental dataDetermination of collisional quenching rate coefficients of N2(A3ƒ°u+) by air pollutantsS. Suzuki, Y. Koizumi, H. Itoh
PS3-009Elementary processes and fundamental dataStudy of kinetic processes in nitrogen flowing post-discharge containing mercury tracesV. Mazankova, F.Krcma, D. Trunec
PS3-010Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaMonte Carlo simulation of electron motion in confronting divergent magnetic fieldsH. Sugawara and Y. Minami
PS3-011Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaHigh temperature partition function and pressure ionization of confined hydrogen atom G. Colonna1 , M. Capitelli, D. Giordano, M. B. van Gijzen, K. Kästner, A. Laricchiuta
PS3-012Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsMeasurement of ion velocity distribution functions in plasma-insulated wall interaction behaviorN. Claire, F. Doveil
PS3-013Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsModel porous damage silicon carbide xenon ions by means computer simulationA.L. Bondareva, G.I. Zmievskaya, S.A. Khilkov
PS3-014Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsFusion-relevant plasma surface interactionsC.S. Corr, C.M. Samuell, M.A. Thompson, M. Guenette, A. Deslandes and D. Riley
PS3-015Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsChecking the sum rules for the dielectric function constructed within the Landau – Silin approachA.V. Filippov, A.N. Starostin, I.M. Tkachenko
PS3-016Collective and nonlinear phenomenaStable anisotropic plasmas in magnetic configurations with convex–concave field linesM. M. Tsventoukh
PS3-017Collective and nonlinear phenomenaNew method of controlled collective acceleration of ionsN.S. Azaryan1, S.A. Barengolts2, G.A. Mesyats3, E.A. Perelstein1, V.P. Tarakanov4
PS3-018Collective and nonlinear phenomenaResearches on the theoretical study and numerical calculation of velocity-grouped and averaged thermonuclear reaction rates in the two-species nucleus fusion systemLi Baiwen, Li Meng
PS3-019Collective and nonlinear phenomenaExact solitary wave solution of a weakly relativistic magnetized plasmaBhaben Chandra Kalita & Manabendra Deka.
PS3-020Collective and nonlinear phenomenaAcoustic nonlinear periodic waves in pair-ion plasmasS. Mahmood, T. Kaladze and Hafeeez-ur-Rehman
PS3-021Modeling and simulation techniquesAtomic oxygen and ozone patterning in the plasma needle biomedical sourceSean Kelly and Miles Turner
PS3-022Modeling and simulation techniquesNumerical Simulation of High-energy Nano-second Pulse DBD for Combustion Enhancement in Internal EngineHidemasa Takana and Hideya Nishiyama
PS3-023Modeling and simulation techniquesPredicting Arc Root Attachment Point in a CFD Modelling of Argon DC Plasma E. Safaei Ardakani, T. Fujino, J. Mostaghimi
PS3-024Modeling and simulation techniquesAtom kinetics in CCRF discharges in HydrogenA. Panarese, P. Diomede, S. Longo
PS3-025Modeling and simulation techniquesModeling of the ion source for ITER NBI: from the generation of negative ions to their extractionD. Wünderlich and the NNBI-Team
PS3-026Modeling and simulation techniquesA 2D MODEL FOR COAXIAL PLASMA WAVEGUIDS Sara Rahimi, Manuel Jimenez-Diaz, Simon Hübner, Efe Kemaneci, Jan van Dijk
PS3-027Modeling and simulation techniquesModelling of sheath in multicomponent plasmasS. Novak(1), P. Cerny(2), P. Bruna(1), R. Hrach(1,3), V. Hrachova(3)
PS3-028Modeling and simulation techniquesSemi-analytical model for the sheath dynamics in the intermediate radio-frequency regimeMohammed Shihab (1,2), Ralf Peter Brinkmann(1), and Benjamin Schroeder(1)
PS3-029Modeling and simulation techniquesStreamer discharge modelingJ. Teunissen, A. Sun and U. Ebert
PS3-030Modeling and simulation techniquesSimulating plasma-cathode interaction in high-pressure arc discharges by means of time-dependent and stationary solvers of COMSOL MultiphysicsM. S. Benilov and M. D. Cunha
PS3-031Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSelf-organization in DC glow microdischarges in krypton: 3D modelling and experimentsP. G. C. Almeida1, M. S. Benilov1, D. F. Santos1, W. Zhu2, P. Niraula2
PS3-032Plasma diagnostic methodsOptical diagnostics of atmospheric pressure discharges Giorgio Dilecce
PS3-033Plasma diagnostic methodsOxygen line ratio method for the determination of plasma parameters in atmospheric pressure discharges using air as the working gasN. O’Connor, H. H. Humphreys and S. Daniels
PS3-034Plasma diagnostic methodsMeasurement of ozone density in dielectric barrier discharge-based ozone generator by laser absorption methodH. Kumegawa, K. Teranishi, K. Uemura, N. Shimomura, H. Itoh
PS3-035Plasma diagnostic methodsSpectroscopic study of the electronically – vibrationally rotational level functions of the nitrogen and helium molecules in gas discharges in mixtures of nitrogen with heliumV.A. Shakhatov(1), T.B. Mavlyudov(1), V.M. Atrazhev(2), N. Bonifaci(3), H.V. Nguyen(3), G. Vermeulen(4)
PS3-036Plasma diagnostic methodsAnalysis of Fe- Co- B- Si amorphous thin ribbon using laser induced plasma spectroscopyM. Horňáčková, J. Plavčan, L. Rossi, I. Mako, D. Janičkovič, P. Švec, P. Veis
PS3-037Plasma diagnostic methodsMeasurement of molecular chlorine density in a metal chloride reduction chemical vapour deposition system by optical absorption spectroscopyK. Sasaki, K. Furuta, Y. Tomita, and H. Sakamoto
PS3-038Plasma diagnostic methodsUsing the Van der Waals Broadening of Sodium Atomic Lines for the Gas Temperature Determination in Microwave Discharges at Atmospheric PressureM.C. García, C. Yubero, A. Gamero, A. Sola
PS3-039Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresOptical Emission Spectroscopy of an Underwater DBD Plasma JetS. N. Gucker, M.C. García, J.E. Foster
PS3-040Plasma diagnostic methodsDebye shielding measurements in a multipolar plasma with a Stark- quenching of a metastable atomic hydrogen beam techniqueL. Chérigier-Kovacic, A. Lejeune, F. Doveil
PS3-041Plasma diagnostic methodsMeasurement of hydroxyl radicals in plasma pencil by laser induced fluorescenceJ. Vorac, P. Dvorak, V. Prochazka
PS3-042Plasma diagnostic methodsGRanada Sprite Spectrograph and PolarimeterM. Passas, J. Sánchez, F.C. Parra-Rojas, A. Luque, F.J. Gordillo-Vázquez
PS3-043Plasma diagnostic methodsOptical diagnostics for studying in-situ plasma surface interactionsRichard Engeln
PS3-044Plasma diagnostic methodsApplication of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer to parameters measurements in air arcsXuan Zhou, Rong Zeng, Chijie Zhuang
PS3-045Plasma diagnostic methodsAdvanced Diagnostics for Plasmas and Aerodynamics Richard B. Miles
PS3-046Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasCross sections and modelling results for high-energy radiation and positron beams produced with a thundercloudC. Koehn, U. Ebert
PS3-047Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasState-to-state vibrational kinetics of hydrogen plasmas for astrophysical applicationsD. Bruno1, C. M. Coppola2,3,4 P, D. Galli4 P, S. Longo1,3,4, G. Mizzi5 , F. Palla4
PS3-048Low pressure plasmasPlasmas generated by ultra-violet irradiationJ.E.Allen
PS3-049Low pressure plasmasProbe diagnostics in a single element of a matrix-source of negative hydrogen ionsSt. Lishev1, D. Iordanov1, Kh. Tarnev2, A. Shivarova1
PS3-050Low pressure plasmasVUV Emission from Microwave Ar PlasmasS. Espinho, E. Felizardo, J. Henriques, E. Tatarova, F.M. Dias, and C.M. Ferreira
PS3-051Low pressure plasmasPlasma-to-Electron-Sheath Transition IK. Wiesemann and K. Bernhardi
PS3-052Low pressure plasmasPlasma-to-Electron-Sheath Transition in Low Temperature Plasma IIK. Bernhardi and K. Wiesemann
PS3-053Low pressure plasmasDiffusion of electronegative low-pressure plasma through a localized magnetic filterD. Levko, L. Garrigues, G. J. M. Hagelaar, J. Bredin, D. Rafalskyi and A. Aanesland
PS3-054High frequency dischargesMicrostrip Split-Ring Resonator Excited Microwave Microplasma in an Ar-filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal FiberF. Vial, K. Gadonna, B. Debord, F. Gerome, R. Jamier, O. Leroy, P. Leprince, C. Boisse-Laporte, F. Benabid
PS3-055High frequency dischargesSpatial characterization of an inductively coupled plasma in argon with optical emission spectroscopy and Langmuir probe diagnostics for surface treatment purposeC. Laurent, J. Lo, B. Caillier, L. Thérčse, Ph. Guillot
PS3-056High frequency dischargesSpectral Emission Characteristics of Combined Electron Beam and Microwave Excited ArgonT. Dandl, A. Ulrich, J. Wieser
PS3-057High frequency dischargesMode transitions in inductively coupled RF dischargesT. Wegner, C. Küllig and J. Meichsner
PS3-058High frequency dischargesSpatiotemporal plasma density profiles in CCRF dischargesC. Küllig, T. Wegner and J. Meichsner
PS3-059High frequency dischargesMoving upper hybrid resonance zones in a temporally growing multicusp plasma: application to pulsed negative ion beamsDebaprasad Sahu and Sudeep Bhattacharjee
PS3-060Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInvestigation of barrier discharge in argon with acetylene and methane admixture and heated electrode.P. Kloc, V. Mazankova, M. Elias, D. Trunec, L. Zajickova
PS3-061Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresEffects of pulse frequency on plasmachemical activity of electrical discharge in waterP. Lukes, Ruma, N. Aoki, S.H.R. Hosseini, T. Sakugawa, H. Akiyama
PS3-062Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresModelling of constricted filaments occurring in a plasma jetF. Sigeneger, M. M. Becker, H. Höft, D. Loffhagen
PS3-063Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresKinetic processes in high-current nanosecond-pulse discharge in atmospheric pressure air N. Popov
PS3-064Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresTemporally resolved investigation of DBDs in He/N2 mixtures: correlation of electrical, spectroscopic, and surface charge measurementsM. Bogaczyk, R. Tschiersch, H.-E. Wagner
PS3-065Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresHigh-resolution spectroscopic analysis of streamer dischargesT. Hoder(1), Z. Bonaventura(2), M. Šimek(3), A. Bourdon(4)
PS3-066Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDiscussion of Discharge Processes in Pulsed Ablative Plasma ThrustersT. Schönherr, A. Zach, S. Hörner, Y. Arakawa, H. Koizumi, K. Komurasaki, G. Herdrich
PS3-067Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresOzone generation in a wire-to-cylinder corona discharge ozonizer fed with mixtures of O2 and N2K. Hadji, F. Pontiga, A. Belasri, H. Hadj-Ziane, A. Fernández-Rueda
PS3-068Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresThe manipulation of atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier plasma jetsJ L Walsh et al.
PS3-069Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresExperimental measurements of atomic oxygen concentrations in a capillary nanosecond dischargeA. V. Klochko, A. Salmon, N. A. Popov, S. M. Starikovskaia
PS3-070Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDouble-streamer propagation in pure xenon mono-filamentary dielectric barrier discharges induced by sub-microsecond mono-polar voltage pulsesE. Leyssenne, N. Sewraj, N. Merbahi, F. Marchal, M. C. Bordage
PS3-071Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSubstrate and temperature effects in diamond-based microdischargesS Mitea, MD Bowden, NS Braithwaite, M Zeleznik, PW May, NA Fox, R Stevens
PS3-072Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresVisible and near infrared optical emission spectroscopic analysis of a pure xenon mono-filamentary dielectric barrier dischargeE. Leyssenne, N. Sewraj, N. Merbahi, F. Marchal, M. C. Bordage
PS3-073Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresBehaviour of HMDSO Liquid Precursor Droplets in Atmospheric Pressure Discharge Plasma and Gas MixtureM. M. Iqbal, M. M. Turner
PS3-074Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSinglet delta oxygen absolute density measurements in the effluent of cold atmospheric pressure microplasma jetsJ.S. Sousa, C. Douat, G. Bauville, M. Fleury, V. Puech
PS3-075Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresLIPS SPECTROSCOPY FOR CHLORINE DETECTION IN MINERAL SAMPLESJ. Mateo, A. Rodero and M.C. Quintero
PS3-076Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresOn the effects of porosity on the development of a single nanosecond pulsed discharge across dielectric membranesP. Le Delliou, P. Tardiveau, P. jeanney, S. Pasquiers
PS3-077Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresExperimental Investigation of Nanosecond Discharges in Water Vapor at Atmospheric PressureF.P. Sainct, D.A. Lacoste, M.J. Kirkpatrick, E. Odic, C.O. Laux
PS3-078Thermal plasmasInfluence of PTFE vapours in a high-voltage circuit breakerJ.J. GonzalezP1P, P. FretonUP1P, D. Randrianarivao1, F. ReichertP2P
PS3-079Thermal plasmasControl, diagnosis and model of DC arc discharge applied to the synthesis of Carbon NanostructuresR. Valdivia, J. Silva, M. Ibańez, M. Pacheco, E. Loza, J. Pacheco, F. Ramos, J. Salazar, G. Soria, M. Durán, M. Hidalgo
PS3-080Thermal plasmasMulti-Time Electron Density Imaging over SF6 and Air Arc Discharge around Current ZeroYuki Inada, Shigeyasu Matsuoka, Akiko Kumada, Hisatoshi Ikeda, Kunihiko Hidaka
PS3-081Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasDirect observation of shear thinning in a 2D complex plasmaVladimir Nosenko, Alexei Ivlev, and Gregor Morfill
PS3-082Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasSelf-organized lateral patterns and bifurcations in barrier dischargesLars Stollenwerk, Robert Wild
PS3-083Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasMapping the horizontal field distribution above an RF electrode using dust particles P. Hartmann, A.Zs. Kovács, Z. Donkó, H. Kählert, M. Bonitz
PS3-084Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasParticle generation study in a methane discharge by mass spectrometry and DC self-bias voltage evolutions for different powers J.-F. Lagrange, F. Faubert, I. Géraud-Grenier, V. Massereau-Guilbaud
PS3-085Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasCharacteristics of dusty plasma instabilities: Pressure and power dependencesH. Tawidian, T. Lecas, M. Mikikian
PS3-086Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasDust particle growth instabilities: amplitude evolution and Laser Induced Fluorescence investigationsH. Tawidian, F. Diop, T. Lecas, T. Gibert and M. Mikikian
PS3-087Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesDevelopment and integration of plasma-assisted unit operations for the synthesis of MWCNTs-based nanostructures and nanofluidsS. Coulombe1, N. Hordy1, L. Jorge1, M.A. McArthur1,2, L. Vandsburger1, J.-L. Meunier1, S. Omanovic2, P.J.R. Roche3
PS3-088Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesMicrowave plasma based single-step method for generation of carbon nanostructuresA. Dias1, E. Tatarova1, J. Henriques1, C. C. Luhrs2, J. Phillips2 and C. M. Ferreira1
PS3-089Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesFemtosecond laser processing of organic thin filmNorio Tsuda, Tatsuya Kurata, Shusuke Ono, Jun Yamada, Sizuyasu Ochiai
PS3-090Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesGrowth of vertically aligned carbon nanotube/diamond double-layered films on Copper using dc-plasma enhanced hot filament chemical vapour depositionL. Yang, et al.
PS3-091Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesEffect of plasmachemical treatment on corrosion layers of iron V. Mazankova, V. Sazavska, F. Krcma
PS3-092Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesProduction of oxide and complex metal oxides nanopowders using pulsed electron beam in low pressure gasS.Yu. Sokovnin, V.G. Il’ves
PS3-093Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesPlasma dynamics in pulsed laser deposition processes in neutral gas backgroundsM. Favre, L. S. Caballero, H. M. Ruiz, F. Guzmán, H. Bhuyan, F. Veloso, E. S. Wyndham
PS3-094Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesInvestigation of Influence of Gas Ratio on the Electron Temperature in TiN Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System S. Ghasemi, H. R. Ghomi, A. R. Niknam, H. Latifi
PS3-095Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesMicrowave plasma torch atmospheric pressure synthesis of iron based nanoparticles and carbon nanotubesPetr Synek, Ondrej Jasek, Lenka Zajickova
PS3-096High pressure and thermal plasma processingEthanol conversion assisted by the DC glow discharge in atmospheric pressure airV.I. Arkhipenko, A.A. Kirillov, L.V. Simonchik, S.M. Zgirouski, A.P. Chernukho, A.N. Migoun
PS3-097High pressure and thermal plasma processingAbout the influence of a laser profile in impedance mismatch techniques applied to carbon EOS measurementA. Aliverdiev, D. Batani, R. Dezulian
PS3-098High pressure and thermal plasma processingAbout laser driven shock pressure amplification in sandwich target A. Aliverdiev, D. Batani, R. Dezulian, A. Amirova, M. Khan, and H.C. Pant
PS3-099Plasma lamps and radiation sourcesMicrowave-driven plasmas in Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal FibresL.L. Alves, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, R. Jamier, O. Leroy, C. Boisse-Laporte, P. Leprince, F. Benabid
PS3-100Plasma lamps and radiation sourcesModelling of Microwave Mercury Discharges Under Very High PressureG.G. Lister, M. Hamady
PS3-101Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsUnderstanding the physicochemical interaction of plasma with catalyst for VOC decomposition HH KIM, T. Teramoto, A. Ogata, N. Negishi
PS3-102Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsInactivation of microorganisms in liquid exposed by oxygen radical sourceT. Ohta, H. Hashizume, M. Ito, K. Takeda, K. Ishikawa, and M. Hori
PS3-103Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsSurface DBD streamer induced inactivation of Escherichia coli in humid airEva Doležalová, Václav Prukner, Petr Lukeš, Milan Šimek
PS3-104Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsSynergistic effects in a dielectric barrier discharge reactor for treatment of soil contaminated by PAHsS. Ognier, J. Rojo, X. Duten, S. Cavadias
PS3-105Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsOn the influence of a target on ROS and RNS production using a ľs driven Plasma Gun for biomedical applicationsD. Ričs, E. Robert, V. Sarron, T. Darny, S. Dozias, J-M. Pouvesle
PS3-106Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsAqueous-phase chemistry and bactericidal effects from gaseous plasmas in contact with waterP. Lukes, E. Dolezalova, I. Sisrova, M. Clupek
PS3-107Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsDependence of impulsive pressure wave on electrical parameters at breakdown in underwater spark dischargeK. J. Chung, S. G. Lee, J. J. Dang, K. Lee, Y. S. Hwang
PS3-108Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsMolecular beam mass spectrometer measurements of particle diffusion into an effluent of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma argon jet M. Dünnbier1,2, A. Schmidt-Bleker1,2, J. Winter1,2, M. Wolfram1,2, K.-D. Weltmann2 andS. Reuter1,2
PS3-109Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsVOC removal : application of a diphasic process combining a catalytic bed and non thermal plasma X. Duten, S. Sauce, Z. Jia, S. Touchard, K. Hassouni, A. Kanaev, A. Vega-González
PS3-110Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsNon thermal plasma applied in automotive emissions controlM. Pacheco, J.Pacheco, R. Valdivia, B. Lefort, A. Santana
PS3-111Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesIonized physical vapor deposition: Technology and applicationsUlf Helmersson
PS3-112Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesPlasma dynamics and emission features of compact capillary discharges operating in argon and xenonE. S. Wyndham, J. C. Valenzuela, M. P. Valdivia, M. Favre
PS3-113Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesPulsed ICP plasmas processing: A combined modelling and experimental studyE. Despiau-Pujo, M. Brihoum, G. Cunge, M. Darnon, N. Braithwaite, O. Joubert
PS3-114Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesHelicon Plasma Thruster: prototypes and modelling statusJ. Navarro-Cavalle; M. Merino; E. Ahedo
PS3-115Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesThe measurement of a low frequency oscillations of the azimuthal current in the thruster with anode layer (TAL)A.N.Ermilov, V.F.Eroshenkov, D.N.Novichkov, Yu.A.Kovalenko, T.M.Sapronova, T.V.Chernyshev, A.P.Shumilin
PS3-116Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasNumerical simulations of the UT-variations of the high-latitude ionospheric plasma parametersI.A.Golikov, A.Yu.Gololobov, V.I. Popov , T.N.Solovyev
PS3-117Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresModelling of Droplet-plasma Interaction and Nucleation of Nano-sized Particles in Atmospheric Pressure DischargesM M Iqbal, C P Stallard, D P Dowling, M M Turner
PS3-118Thermal plasmasSpectroscopic investigation of multiple Boltzmann distributions of various atomic and ionic states in an expanding H2O-Ar dc arc jetV. Sember, A. Mašláni
PS3-119Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasDust formation in titanium-containing glow dischargesN.C. Cruz, E.C. Rangel
PS3-120Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesAnalysis of plasma emission produced by laser ablation of coal with optical emission spectroscopic L. P. Vera, J. A. Perez, H. Riascos
PS3-121Plasma processing of surfaces and particles Plasma Deposited a-SiOxCyHz Films as Protective Coatings for Carbon SteelT. M. Gonçalves1, A. M. Rosa1, M. B. Appolinario1, R. C. C. Rangel1, C. M. A. Freire2, M. C. G. Santos2, N. C. Cruz1 and E. C. Rangel1
PS3-122Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsOn the reactivity of plasma treated photo-catalytic TiO2 surfaces forOn the reactivity of plasma treated photo-catalytic TiO2 surfaces for oxidation of C2H2 D. Lopatik, D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau, J. Röpcke

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