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 PS #  Topic  Title  Authors
PS2-001Elementary processes and fundamental dataCollision cross-sections and reduced mobility of He2+ ions colliding with He for optimization of low temperature plasma sources for biomedical usesA. Chicheportiche, M. Benhenni, M. Yousfi, B. Lepetit, R. Kalus, F.X. Gadea
PS2-002Elementary processes and fundamental dataIon collision cross-sections and transport coefficients of Ar+/Ar for modelling low temperature plasma jets used in biomedical fieldA. Chicheportiche, B. Lepetit, F.X. Gadea, M. Benhenni, M. Yousfi, R. Kalus
PS2-003Elementary processes and fundamental dataLine-ratio determination of N2(A) metastable absolute densities in an RF nitrogen late afterglow Vasco Guerra, André Ricard and Soo-ghee Oh
PS2-004Elementary processes and fundamental dataChemical modelling of hydrogen diluted silane discharges: Uncertainty propagation of chemical input data using a global modeLD. Bluhm 1, S. Wilczek 1,2, S. Danko 1, O. Schmidt 1 And R.P. Brinkmann 2
PS2-005Elementary processes and fundamental dataMeasurement of negative ion mobility at high pressure and low E/N in ultrahigh-purity O2Yui Okuyama, Susumu Suzuki, Haruo Itoh
PS2-006Elementary processes and fundamental dataDissociative recombination and the decay of a molecular ultracold plasmaC. J. Rennick(1), J. P. Morrison(2), and E. R. Grant(2)
PS2-007Elementary processes and fundamental dataResonant vibrational-excitation electron-O2 and -CO2 cross sections and rate constantsV. Laporta, R. Celiberto and J. Tennyson
PS2-008Elementary processes and fundamental dataElectron swarm coefficients in He-H2O mixturesJ.L. Hernández-Ávila, E. Basurto, A. M. Juárez, J. de Urquijo
PS2-009Elementary processes and fundamental dataMobility of negative ions in He-H2O mixturesJ. de Urquijo and E. Basurto
PS2-010Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaConsistent description of electron transport in fluid models for nonthermal plasmasM.M. Becker, D. Loffhagen
PS2-011Thermodynamics and transport phenomenaElectron-vibration energy exchange models in nitrogen-containing plasma flowsV. Laporta, D. Bruno
PS2-012Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsKinetic computational model of cathode plasma flare expansionD. L. Shmelev, S. A. Barengolts
PS2-013Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsExperimental investigation of short-time arc-wall interaction by different geometries of narrow gapsB. Schottel, M. Kurrat
PS2-014Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsHeating of Metal Microdroplet by Plasma of a Vacuum Arc Cathode SpotD. L. Shmelev and I. V. Uimanov
PS2-015Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsSecondary ionization coefficient and secondary electron emission coefficient in Argon dielectric barrier dischargeT. Yoshinaga and H. Akashi
PS2-016Collective and nonlinear phenomenaRadiation analysis of the combined volume discharge of nanosecond duration in the presence of a plane shock waveI. Mursenkova, I. Znamenskaya, I. Ostapenko
PS2-017Collective and nonlinear phenomenaNon-modal theory of the diocotron instabilityV.V.Mykhaylenko, Hae June Lee, V.S.Mykhaylenko
PS2-018Collective and nonlinear phenomenaExact solitary wave solution of a weakly relativistic magnetized plasmaBhaben Chandra Kalita & Manabendra Deka.
PS2-019Collective and nonlinear phenomenaExact dust-ion acoustic solitary waves (DIASW) with quantum effects in inertia less electronsBhaben Chandra Kalita & Rekha Kalita
PS2-020Collective and nonlinear phenomenaAbsorbing sphere in a collisionless plasma: Trapping region boundary and energy quantities of the physical systemV. L. Krasovsky
PS2-021Collective and nonlinear phenomenaPlasma surface interaction enhanced instability in HiPIMS dischargeA. Hecimovic, M. Böke, J. Winter
PS2-022Modeling and simulation techniquesSupercomputer simulation of plasma electron dynamics in the magnetic trap with inverse magnetic mirrors and multipole magnetic wallsE. Berendeev, A. Ivanov, G. Lazareva, A. Snytnikov
PS2-023Modeling and simulation techniquesThe length of the exponential growth of the runaway electrons avalanche.E. V. Oreshkin, S. A. Barengolts, V. I. Oreshkin and S. A. Chaikovsky.
PS2-024Modeling and simulation techniquesComparison of Computational Tools for Simulations of Glow and Corona Discharges V.I. Kolobov, R.R. Arslanbekov, E.A. Bogdanov, S. Eliseev, and A.A. Kudryavtsev
PS2-025Modeling and simulation techniquesPIC-MC Simulations for Microplasmapropagation in Multiple Cavity Arrangements at Atmospheric Pressure ConditionsM. Hilbert (1), M. Siemers (2), A. Pflug (2), M. Kurrat (1)
PS2-026Modeling and simulation techniquesCharge transport in magnetronsC. Costin 1, T.M. Minea 2, G. Popa 1
PS2-027Modeling and simulation techniquesModelling of the electron capture processK.N. Dzhumagulova
PS2-028Modeling and simulation techniquesDiffusion-Transport Coupling Simulation in Laser FusionJinghong Li
PS2-029Modeling and simulation techniques3D fluid dynamic modelling of RF plasmasMasaya Shigeta
PS2-030Modeling and simulation techniquesRecovery mechanism of ozone generation by adding nitrogen in atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier dischargesH. Akashi, T. Yoshinaga, A. Oda
PS2-031Modeling and simulation techniquesEffects of EDF transition in RF biased ICP plasmaIvan Ganachev(1,2) and Hideo Sugai(2)
PS2-032Plasma diagnostic methodsSpectroscopic diagnostic of atmospheric-pressure He dielectric barrier discharges applied to the functionalization of wood surfacesR. K. Gangwar, O. Levasseur, L. Stafford, N. Gherardi, and N. Naudé
PS2-033Plasma diagnostic methodsElectrical characterization of RF magnetron sputteringR. Tadjine1, M. Kechouane2, M. Alim1, N. Saoula1
PS2-034Plasma diagnostic methodsPlasma imaging with a novel acousto-optical spectrometerM. Voronov, V. Hoffmann, T. Steingrobe, W. Buscher, C. Engelhard, S.J. Ray, G.M. Hieftje
PS2-036Plasma diagnostic methodsMeasurement of negative ions by electric probes in DC and RF plasmas with O2 and SF6 gasesJin-Woo Kim, Min-Keun Bae, Soon-Gook Cho, Young-Suk Oh, Hyung-Jin Kim, Tae-Hun Chung, Myoung-Jae Lee and Kyu-Sun Chung
PS2-037Plasma diagnostic methodsSub-Nanosecond Diagnostics of Nonequilibrium Nanosecond Pulsed Molecular DischargesA. Montello, D. Burnette, Ben Goldberg, Igor V. Adamovich, S. O’Byrne, W.R. Lempert
PS2-038Plasma diagnostic methodsMeasurement of OH density and air diffusion effects in an atmospheric (bio)plasma jetLi Li
PS2-039Plasma diagnostic methodsProduction and study of highly-ionized atmospheric pressure helium plasma Isakaev E.H., Kavyrshin D.I., Sargsyan M.A., Chinnov V.F., Alieva H.O.
PS2-040Plasma diagnostic methodsThe Space-Time Spectroscopy of Pulse Heterogeneous Plasma JetV. Chinnov, A. Efimov, S. Goryachev, A. Pashchina
PS2-041Plasma diagnostic methodsKinetic energy distributions in laser-produced W, Pb and Sn plasmasJon I. Apiñaniz, Roberto Martínez
PS2-042Plasma diagnostic methodsOptical diagnostics of low-pressure plasmas sustained in halogen gasesJ.P.Booth. Chabert, N. Sirse P. Indelicato, A. Surzykov, M.J.Kushner
PS2-043Plasma diagnostic methodsProbing the electron energy distribution function (EEDF) of ionizing plasmasE.A.D. Carbone, S. Hübner, W.A.A.D. Graef, J. van Dijk, G.M.W. Kroesen
PS2-044Plasma diagnostic methodsComparision of fast-ion spectra measured using optical and particle methods in magnetically confined plasmasJ.M. Fontdecaba, K.J. McCarthy, J. Arévalo, J. Hernández Sánchez, D.A. Cruz, N. Panadero, TJ-IITeam
PS2-045Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasNumerical simulations of the UT-variations of the high-latitude ionospheric plasma parametersI.A.Golikov, A.Yu.Gololobov, V.I. Popov , T.N.Solovyev
PS2-046Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmasChemical and electrical impact of lightning in the Earth mesosphere: the case of Sprite HalosF.C. Parra-Rojas, A. Luque, F.J. Gordillo-Vázquez
PS2-047Low pressure plasmasGas temperature variation in millisecond pulsed discharges in airC D Pintassilgo, D Marinov, O Guaitella, A Rousseau
PS2-048Low pressure plasmasHall thruster plume plasma parameters in far fieldBoris Vayner
PS2-049Low pressure plasmasA large-volume plasma device with 200 K electron temperatureScott Robertson and Shannon Dickson
PS2-050Low pressure plasmasInstabilities in a cross field discharge: A fully two-dimensional Particle-In-Cell model of a Hall thrusterLaurent Garrigues and Philippe Coche
PS2-051Low pressure plasmasCurrent voltage characteristics in High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering: instability formation and plasma composition in different plasma regimes T. de los Arcos1, V. Layes1, Y. Aranda Gonzalvo2, V. Schulz von der Gathen1, A. Hecimovic1, and J. Winter1
PS2-052Low pressure plasmasAdvanced plasma sources for the future 450 mm processHong-Young Chang
PS2-053Low pressure plasmasRevisiting the concepts of current limitation and gas depletion in low pressure gas dischargesR.N. Franklin
PS2-054High frequency dischargesCombined MW-DC gas dischargeG. Lysov, I. Leontiev, Yu. Yashnov
PS2-055High frequency dischargesModelling of Surfaguide plasma in argon at atmospheric pressure and 2.45 GHzM. Jimenez-Diaz, S. Rahimi, J. van Dijk
PS2-056High frequency dischargesMicrowave Argon plasma torchE. BenovaP1P, UM. Pencheva-AtanasovaUP1,2P, P. MarinovaP1P, V. MarchevP1, T. PetrovaP3
PS2-057High frequency dischargesA study of multi-electrode discharge for the large area and VHF plasma processingY. S. Lee, S. H. Seo, and H. Y. Chang
PS2-058High frequency dischargesBi-directional excitation of ICRF waves in non-uniform plasmas towards a compact RF-driven magnetoplasma thrusterY. Yasaka, Y. Hayashi, H. Takeno, S. Nakamoto, Y. Kinoshita
PS2-059High frequency dischargesCalculation of higher harmonic frequencies generated in capacitively coupled dischargesP. Dvorak
PS2-060Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresAbout the influence of O2 concentration on the breakdown of pulsed dielectric barrier discharges in O2/N2 gas mixtures at atmospheric pressureH. Höft, M. Kettlitz, T. Hoder, R. Brandenburg, K.-D. Weltmann
PS2-061Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresModelling of an atmospheric pressure glow discharge with a flowing afterglowPeter Simon, Annemie Bogaerts
PS2-062Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSelf-organization of anode spots in atmospheric pressure DC glow discharges with liquid anodeA.M. Astafiev 1, A.A. Kudryavtsev 1, V.I. Kolobov 2
PS2-063Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSterilization of E. coli Using Temperature Controllable Plasma JetT. Oshita, K. Uehara, T. Takamatsu, A. kawate, H. Miyahara, A. Okino
PS2-064Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresLifetime of surface charges on BSO in barrier dischargesR. Wild, J. Benduhn, L. Stollenwerk
PS2-065Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresVariation of the breakdown voltage with ozone concentration in dielectric barrier dischargesM. M. Becker1, T. Hoder1, D. Lo hagen1, L. Ramoino2, M. Kettlitz1
PS2-066Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDBD parameter for production of high ozone concentrationD.C. Seok, H.Y. Jeong, T. Lho, Y.H. Jeong
PS2-067Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresExperimental study of a helium discharge propagating in a dielectric capillary - Influence of the charge deposition on inner surfacesM. Dang Van Sung Mussard, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau
PS2-068Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresInvestigation of Streamer Propagation along Insulating SurfacesA. Chvyreva, A. J. M. Pemen and T. Christen
PS2-069Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresMicroplasma jet in SEMA. Hatta, Y. Mori, K. Matra, J.S. Oh, H. Furuta
PS2-070Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresEnergy dissipation of a pulsed electron beam in high-pressure gasesR.V. Sazonov, D.V. Ponomarev, G.E. Remnev, G.E. Kholodnaya
PS2-071Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresGas temperatures in high-pressure microwave plasmas for plasma-assisted combustion in automobile enginesS. Soma, R. Tsuruoka, Y. Ikeda, and K. Sasaki
PS2-072Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresGas phase hydrogen peroxide production in atmospheric pressure glow discharges operating in He-H2O C.A. Vasko, E.M,.van. Veldhuizen, and P.J. Bruggeman
PS2-073Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSpatio-temporally resolved N2(A) metastables densities in nitrogen barrier dischargesS. Nemschokmichal and J. Meichsner
PS2-074Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresEffects of Varying Pressure on Plasma Produced in Conducting Solution C. Kelsey, D.Patton, T. Gilmore, W.G. Graham, K.R. Stalder and T.A. Field
PS2-075Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresDynamic properties of a kINpen Plasma Jet in burst mode.W. Adress, L. Cox, W. G. Graham,V. J. Law and D. P. Dowling
PS2-076Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressuresSpectral and temporal characterization of an atmospheric pressure plasma jet sourceL. Chauvet, C. Muja, B. Caillier, L. Therese, P. Guillot
PS2-077Thermal plasmasDetermination of copper impurities distribution in arc discharge plasma by technique of laser absorption spectroscopy A. Veklich, A. Lebid, A. Ivanisik, S. Fesenko, V. Boretskij
PS2-079Thermal plasmasAir plasma radiation – choice of spectral intervals suitable for fast temperature measurementsJ. Hlína, Y. Cressault, A. Gleizes, J. Šonský, J. Gruber
PS2-080Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasChange of sign of electric field of a charged dust particle in nonequilibrium plasmaA. V. Filippov, I. N. Derbenev
PS2-081Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasSeparation and Determination of Particle Sizes in a DC Glow Discharge basing on the Mie Scattering TheoryV.V.Pestrikov, D.A. Grigoriev, M.M. Vasiliev, O.F. Petrov, V.E. Fortov
PS2-082Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasInvestigation of topological defects and orientational order in 2D systemsVasilieva E.V., Vaulina O.S.
PS2-083Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasInvestigation of properties of dust formation in plasma of H-Ar mixture in RF discharge M. K. Dosbolayev, A. U. Utegenov, T. S. Ramazanov, T. T. Daniyarov
PS2-084Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasModelling studies of the processes in complex thermally nonequilibrium plasma produced by shock waveI.V. Arsentiev, A.M. Saveliev, N.S. Titova, A.M. Starik
PS2-085Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasAbnormal excitation of argon radiation upon electron-beam activation in condensed supersonic jets of mixturesV. Gh. Madirbaev, A. E. Zarvin, N. G. Korobeishchikov
PS2-086Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmasEquilibrium radial distribution of dust particles in a dc glow dischargeG. Sukhinin, A. Fedoseev
PS2-087Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesProduction of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide in a low-pressure O2/Ar plasmaYousuke Yamazaki, Satoru Iizuka
PS2-088Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesComparison of electrochemical behaviour of TiN and TiCN deposited on XC48 steel substrates by magnetron sputtering.N. Madaoui 1,2, N. Saoula 1, B. Zaid 3 et D. Saidi3
PS2-089Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesDependence of crystallinity of sputter-deposited NiTi on plasma parameterN. Sakudo, N. Ikenaga, T. Miyayama, M. Ejiri, Y. Kishi and Z. Yajima
PS2-090Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesObtaining of carbon nanofilms in a plasma of RF dischargeS.A. Orazbayev, M. Silamiya, D.G. Batryshev, M.K. Dosbolayev, M.T. Gabdullin, T.S. Ramazanov, R.K. Tentekova, L. Boufendi
PS2-091Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesPreparation of hard carbon films by microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition under the open-airHidetsugu Yagi, Shoji Yahara, Yusuke Shibata
PS2-092Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesW/Ti Thin Film With Tantalum Oxide Prepared by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering Deposition For All-Solid-State Electrochromic DeviceM. Kiristi, E. Teke, F. Bozduman, A. Oksuz, L. Oksuz, A. Gulec
PS2-093Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesProduction of metallic particles at atmospheric pressure by a radiofrequency plasma jetA. Lazea-Stoyanova, V. Marascu, S. Vizireanu, G. Dinescu
PS2-094Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesstate of substance in a near-cathode zone under electrolyte dischargeL. Fedorenkova
PS2-095Plasma processing of surfaces and particlesAccelerated cluster ion beams for materials processing N.G. Korobeishchikov, V.V. Kalyada, A.E. Zarvin, A.A. Shmakov
PS2-096High pressure and thermal plasma processingThe Low–Temperature Plasma Generators with Divergent Channel of the Output Electrode and Some Applications of these GeneratorsV. Chinnov1, E. Isakaev1, O. Sinkevich2, and A. Tyuftyaev1
PS2-097High pressure and thermal plasma processingEnhancement of syngas combustion through the excitation of vibrations of reacting molecules in electric dischargeA.M. Starik, A.S. Sharipov, N.S. Titova, I.V. Arsentiev
PS2-098Plasma lamps and radiation sourcesExperimental and numerical study of a low-frequency low-pressure Ar-Hg inductively coupled dischargeM.V. Isupov, A.V. Fedoseev, G.I. Sukhinin, I.M. Ulanov
PS2-099Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsMicrowave plasma based sugarcane biomass pretreatmentN. Bundaleska1, R. Saavedra1, E. Tatarova1, F.M. Dias1, J. Amorim2 and C.M. Ferreira1
PS2-100Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsThe influence of non-thermal plasma treatment on wheat germinationD. Dobrin, M. Magureanu, N.B. Mandache
PS2-102Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsCell-culturing scaffold application of carbon nanowall (CNW)M. Hori, H. Watanabe, H. Kondo, Y. Okamoto, M. Hiramatsu, M. Sekine, and Y. Baba
PS2-103Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsInfluence of air impurities and admixture on the chemical kinetics of atmospheric pressure argon plasma jets by numerical simulations.Wouter Van Gaens and Annemie Bogaerts
PS2-104Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsPlasma-Assisted Catalytic Oxidation of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: A comparison with Thermal catalysisT. Pham Huu, J.M. Cormier, A. Khacef
PS2-105Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsDielectric Barrier Discharge and Ultraviolet Surface Treatments for Low-Temperature Sintered Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsShungo Zen, Daiki Saito, Ryo Ono, and Tetsuji Oda
PS2-106Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsBio-decontamination with plasmasYu.Akishev1, S.Ermolaeva2, E.Sysolyatina2, M.Yurova2, A.Mukhachev2, M.Grushin1, V.Karalnik1, A.Petryakov1, N.Trushkin1
PS2-107Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsNon-Thermal Plasma-Assisted Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Performance on Simulated HCCI Diesel ExhaustA. Leray, A. Guy, M. Makarov, K. Lombaert, J.M. Cormier, A. Khacef
PS2-108Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesMagneto-Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Experiments on a Dense Z-Pinch PlasmaRonald M. Gilgenbach, Sonal Patel, Adam Steiner, David Yager-Elorriaga, Y. Y. Lau, David Chalenski, Nicholas Jordan, Matt Weis, and Peng Zhang
PS2-109Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesAccelerator URT-1M for radiation technologiesS.Y.Sokovnin, M.E.Balezin, S.V.Scherbinin
PS2-110Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesRecent progress in understanding the physics of Hall thrustersS. Mazouffre, S. Tsikata, K. Dannenmayer, G. Bourgeois, A. Lejeune, J. Vaudolon, L. Balika, A. Pétin
PS2-111Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesProbing the dynamics of the exploding wire phenomenon: An experimental setup and its first results.G. Rodríguez Prieto
PS2-112Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sourcesKey Processes in Plasma Acceleration and Detachment in a Magnetic Nozzle for Advanced Plasma ThrustersMario Merino, Eduardo Ahedo
PS2-113Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sources Ion Thrusters for Space ApplicationsD. Feili, C. Collingwood, B. Lotz, W. Gaertner, H. Loeb And J. G. Del Amo, D. M. Di Cara
PS2-114Collective and nonlinear phenomenaDouble layer in multi-component plasmaK. Annou, R. Tadjine and S. Saoula
PS2-115Modeling and simulation techniquesState Specific Description of Non-Equilibrium Processes in High-Temperature Air PlasmaB. Lopez, M. Lino da Silva, V. Guerra, J. Loureiro
PS2-116Modeling and simulation techniquesInhomogeneity consideration in gas discharge modelsKh.D. Lamazhapov, D.A Rybakov, A.V. Ivchenko
PS2-117Plasma diagnostic methodsInvestigations by Mid-IR QCLAS of pollutant emissions in high temperature exhaust gases released from plasma-assisted combustionG.D. Stancu1,2 , M. Simeni Simeni1,2, C.O. Laux1,2
PS2-118Plasma diagnostic methodsDiagnostics of micro-plasmas generated by surface waves in capillary tubes, experiments and modelling of the plasma and the gas flowS. Dap 1, G. D. Stancu 2,3, O. Leroy 1, C. Boisse-Laporte 1, P. Leprince 1, T. Minea 1
PS2-119Plasma diagnostic methodsPlasma Diagnostics and Performance of Permanent Magnet Hall ThrustersJose Leonardo Ferreira, Ivan Soares Ferreira, Jean Carlo Santos
PS2-120Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applicationsDiagnostics and applications of high frequency discharges with focus on plasma treatment of human periodontal stem cellsN. Pua?, D. Maleti?, M. Mileti?, S. Mojsilovi?, S. Lazovi?, G. Malovi?, D. Bugarski and Z. Lj. Petrovi?
PS2-121Elementary processes and fundamental dataQuantum-mechanical calculation of differential cross sections for e-Ar scattering at E = 0.05 – 10 eVS. Nguyen-Kuok, Yu. Malakhov, S. Hassanpour
PS2-122Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effectsCalculation of thermo-emission cathodes at atmospheric pressureS. Nguyen-Kuok, Yu. Malakhov

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